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The current news about those who have “power” and how they use that power to take advantage of others has Reena exploring trust.

I am a pretty trusting person…until I am not. I have not been abused or taken advantage of like the women in the news reports. The abuse of my trust has been more of lies, secrets exposed, and gossip. I think most of us have experienced these types of betrayals at one time or another. I have been fortunate that the people who mean the most to me, those I love, have not deliberately hurt me this way. When it has happened I could forgive and let it go because we share the same heart. When trust has been broken by acquaintances or casual friends I have forgiven but not forgotten and remain wary of them.

As for the issues reported in the media recently, this seems a whole different matter. There are people that have “power” in their world and use that power to abuse and take advantage of those they believe are without power, those they think of as underlings and without resources or support.

These “powerful” people are simply cowards. They have no courage or heart, preying on those they think are below themselves. They are slithering about in the underworld of darkness. They feel safe and strong in the dark. That is why their acts are always secret and hidden. Light exposes their weakness and makes them afraid not just of the possible consequences of their actions but also for others to see them for who and what they are in reality.

It makes me angry not only that someone thinks they are entitled to take whatever they want from others by negating basic moral behavior but also that those who are mistreated and harmed are made to think they have to accept that the abuser’s behavior is somehow permissible and tolerable. We need to be strong in our stand against the reprehensible acts of men (and women) who do deplorable things and have no conscience.

Okay, I have to stop now…this is just too upsetting.

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6 thoughts on “Trust…

  1. I agree with every word of this, Patricia. It is difficult enough to put our trust in others and then find we have been betrayed. What concerns me most is those that are afraid to come forward until much later or until others come out with what happened to them. And what happened to the Bill Cosby saga? Did it just fade away?

    1. It is sad that those who become victims feel it necessary to do whatever the one who uses their “power” wants them to do. Are jobs/careers so important that we let ourselves be used and abused? I understand the need for employment but how do we teach children to value themselves if we don’t see our own value and stand up to cowards whose only power over us is the power we allow them? Why is it sometimes we feel we cannot say NO?
      Bill didn’t fade away he was overtaken by Harvey.

  2. I agree with every word you have said here with regard to the issues in the media lately. I feel strongly about trust especially being able to trust the people that are close to us. I really rely on my little voice that tells me to be cautious.

  3. Thank you, Patricia! You are so right, that power and cowardice are at the root of trust issues. It is some kind of inequality, which makes a retaliation difficult and generates fear.

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