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Halloween chatter…

Today is Halloween
Other than the candy, I am not a big Halloween fan.
But one block in my neighborhood has some fans for sure.
Here’s some proof.


This is my favorite even though I don’t like spiders,
I’m kinda afraid of them.

This picture is blurry because when I was taking it
the mummy in the red hat started laughing!

I think the people who live here have soft hearts
and don’t want to scare the little folks.

!Happy Halloween!

That’s it for today’s Tuesday Chatter.

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7 thoughts on “Halloween chatter…

  1. I enjoy seeing how creative people can be for Halloween. Lots of fun! Thank you for sharing your pics with the Tuesday Chatter Cafe.

    1. Some folks really do get in the spirit of things. I don’t remember people decorating much for Halloween when I was a trick or treat peep.

      1. I don’t either until I was a teenager. Then I noticed more people getting in the spirit. Also, it seems people in the northern states get into holidays more so than those in the southern states.

    1. When I walked today there were several more on just this block but I didn’t have my phone so no pictures. I think Halloween is a bigger deal now than I was a kid.

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