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Chat and gobble…


Tis the holiday time of year
When we so heartily gobble
However, let there be no fear
Overweight and with a wobble
New year diets will soon be here

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less
using the word gobble   

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13 thoughts on “Chat and gobble…

    1. Eating my way through the holidays isn’t suffering but the January diet is no fun especially since it takes so much longer to take weight off than it does to gain it. Doesn’t seem fair.

  1. So true about the diets, Patricia. I am not a person that likes to diet, I love my carbs. But I don’t worry this time of year because I know I will walk of the extra pounds… hopefully 🙂 Good Morning!

    1. When I was young I was thin and ate whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted. Now I am not so young I am not thin and have to count calories and I never eat as much as I want…well, almost never. It would help if when I walk I would put some hustle on but I just stroll.

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