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Quotes and Questions #17…

Q&QThe greatest day in your life and mine is
when we take total responsibility for our attitudes.
That’s the day we truly grow up.
John C. Maxwell

Does anyone  “truly grow up”?

I think there is always a part of us that is a child.
I know that I am not truly grown up.
Sometimes I am a perfect brat!

13 thoughts on “Quotes and Questions #17…

  1. Well, Bill has always called me Brat. I do have a very active Inner Child, however, she behaves well. She just tends to find joy in silly things, like Snoopy and Woodstock. Hugs!

    1. Good for you! We must allow our child within to express the joy of innocence or we lose the true beauty of who we are. My inner child is a good girl but a rebel…I kinda like that.

    1. I understand the little kid within that keeps you going. Without it, life is too hard. We need the carefree fun of children to keep us honest.

  2. I think the child in us is a reminder of what it means to grow up and take responsibility. I don’t consider myself totally grown up either. I’m always work in progress.

  3. Hubby has it sussed: Act your shoe size.
    There’s always a little bit of child left in us………… it depends on your definition of ‘little’. Have a great weekend!

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