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Some advice…


“Make every day special.
Own it. Enjoy it.
Bask in the glory of life.
Enjoy the gift of your own life.”
Donna Fargo


13 thoughts on “Some advice…

  1. So, so true. It is worth a Thank You every day for our lives. Some don’t get the gift of every day life so cherish it is a great uplifting quote to start the week. 🙂

    1. Glad you like the holiday look. Teddy would have a fit if he knew I put a silly Santa hat on him. I am enjoying all the Sparks…when I can get to them which is sometimes difficult. Thanks for hosting the party.

    1. I can be a Christmas Grinch but I fight it. Hence, the snowflakes and Santa hats. I know what you mean about working on it. There are times I would like to exchange what I have been given. But then I think about it and stick with what I have…I could end up with something that really doesn’t fit.

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