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My Tuesday Chatter is an In Other Words story.

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less
using the word, shopping.


She brought all the bags in and dropped them on the table. The stores were so busy it took hours of shopping to get everything she needed for the family dinner on Sunday. She was tired and looking forward to a cup of tea and a nap but first, the bags must be emptied and all the fixins sorted and put away before she could rest.  She was almost done with all the bags empty and the kitchen neat and tidy…but wait. Oh, no, she forgot the ham!

Can you relate to this? I sure can.
Can’t count the number of times
I have come home from the grocery store
without the one thing I went to the store to get.

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11 thoughts on “Shopping…

    1. I had a list today and still forgot the bread! I like to people watch but when I am shopping I am usually in a fog and not much registers in my brain.

    1. Drives me crazy when I get home with a ton of stuff but not the one thing I went for in the first place. Today I went with a list and still forgot the bread!

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