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Quotes and Questions #18


“If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as another character…
Would you slow down? Or speed up?”
Chuck Palahniuk

Hmm, I don’t know. There was a time I would have said speed up. Now I like where and who I am so I don’t think I want it to speed up. As for slowing down…maybe, for now, that would be okay but I am getting old(er) and depending on how that goes I might change my mind. Coming back as another character? Only if I get to choose the role.

What about you?

11 thoughts on “Quotes and Questions #18

  1. There were times I wished I had been born someplace tropical or had blonder hair or was taller. Now I am so grateful I am who I am. I can’t imagine living in the war torn countries. So…I’m happy as is.

    1. The older I get the faster time goes and I would like it to slow a bit. I would like to come back as me but with a stronger better character at the start. Life would have been easier, I think.

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