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Quotes and Questions #19…


“Love is what’s in the room with you
at Christmas
if you stop opening presents and listen.”
Bobby-age 7

Are you as smart as this seven year old?

I think Bobby is exceptional not just as a seven year old kid but as a person in general. Opening Christmas gifts can be a time of chaos with all the noise and excitement especially with  kids in the room. It is rare that adults stop tearing at the wrappings of gifts to listen and almost unimaginable for kids. If you have someone (of any age) around like Bobby you have been given a great gift.

4 thoughts on “Quotes and Questions #19…

  1. Patricia,

    The one thing I enjoyed most about Christmas when our children were small was to watch them first unwrap their gifts. It was wonderful to see Christmas through their eyes. That’s something we forget when we’re grown to have that sense of excitement and anticipation like a kid. Bobby is a smart little feller!

    1. As adults, we do make Christmas more about what we are doing rather than the wonder that is happening around us. Kids get it even if they can’t express it as clearly as Bobby did.

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