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Quotes & Questions #20

Q&Q“Adults are only obsolete children.”
Dr. Seuss

No matter how grown up we think we are the
truth is brought out at Christmas time…adults are just old children.

I didn’t much like being a kid, I wasn’t very good at being a young adult and being an old lady is just an ugly thought I want no part of at all!  So, I am quite happy to be an old child.

What about you?

18 thoughts on “Quotes & Questions #20

  1. Oh, indeed. My Inner Child rails against preconceived notions about behaviours for those of a certain age. That is why I love the poem, “Warning”. by Jenny Joseph. And, I have begun to wear purple.

    1. Good for you! I wear purple now that I have gray hair…didn’t look too good when my hair was auburn. There are a lot of “preconceived notions” when it comes to older folks, especially older women.

    1. Suzi, I am so glad you commented. I follow your blog but have been unable to comment or like. I keep getting this message, Your IP address has been blocked by the administrator for security purposes. What’s up? I can’t contact the administrator, you, because I am blocked. Can you fix?

  2. I am very childlike about certain things, especially Christmas! Here’s to retaining a little bit of joy and wonder in the small things. Because being happy about the little things helps us endure the bad stuff.! Merry Christmas!!🎄🎁

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