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Wrapping up…

When I chose the word wrapped for
In Other Words the week before Christmas
I imagined Christmas stories and happy thoughts.
When I sat down to write a story this is what came to my mind.
I don’t know where it came from or why.
But it did and here it is.
I had a lovely Christmas but it’s over folks.


What are you doing? he asked.
Just wrapping up your stuff for you, she answered.
Why, am I going somewhere?
Yes, you are and I don’t care where.
You don’t believe the redhead is just a friend, huh?

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11 thoughts on “Wrapping up…

  1. Normally, teddy will be on top of your luggage wherever you will go. Merry Christmas to you and the fur babies.

  2. Wow. That certainly wrapped things up. I have seen that very scenario, though thankfully, from a little distance. Sometimes, these stories just insist on being told. You did well with it. HUGS!

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