14 thoughts on “Don’t be distracted…

  1. I am happy to come back and find you participating in this great link-up! The quote you shared is so true, and it is a sad statement that some people feed on trying to tear others down. I am always cheering for the success of others, it is totally unrelated to my own. We are happier when we are doing well, and we are happier with each other then too! 🙂

  2. That is a very interesting (and sobering) quote! I don’t normally wish anyone to fail, but could make an exception if this is their only success in life!! 🙂 Sometimes it’s hard to decipher constructive criticism that can help improve oneself from mean-spirited, spiteful comments meant to tear apart. May we all have the wisdom to recognize the difference!

    1. It is hard to know what others are thinking if we don’t know them well. It does take wisdom and patience to understand criticism.

  3. Those kind of people are so toxic too. You can spot them rather quickly too. Great reminder of how negative some folks are.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  4. Sad, but true. Yes, perspective is everything. Usually, if we take a step back, we see more of the situation. We need to remember to rely on our own opinion, especially about ourselves. Hugs.

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