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Quotes & Questions 2018 #7…


“Your imagination is your preview of
life’s coming attractions.”
Albert Einstein


I don’t know about you but I think this quote is kinda scary!   I have a vivid imagination and a very creative one.  My daydreams are of beautiful scenes and delightful happenings, silly and crazy situations, sweet and lovely stories. But I can also go to the dark side where it is frightening and ugly, sad and heartbreaking, mean and dirty.

Happily, most of my imaginings are of the daydream sort and I welcome them as coming attractions. But there are those that occasionally come from the dark side and if they are previews of the future I rather not be a part of them.

What is your imagination like?

12 thoughts on “Quotes & Questions 2018 #7…

  1. Imaginations are impacted by positives and negatives. I believe it’s normal to have some dark side imaginings. Perhaps, they’re warnings to keep us away from danger.

  2. That’s marvelous that most of your daydreams are pleasant. Mine are pessimistic. I’m trying to train myself to cut them off, but do I listen to me? I’m about as successful as I was with my children!

    1. There was a time pessimism was a problem for me but somewhere along the way it sort of died off. When it does show up I can brush it away pretty quickly…most of the time.

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