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  1. I have never thought much of people who look down on others and see themselves as somehow superior. When I worked with disabled people and homeless people, and people with all kinds of mental health issues, at the law firm, I always had in the forefront of my mind that it could just as easily be someday, and how would I want to be treated… with compassion and respect!

    1. You are so right! We don’t know what will happen tomorrow…we could be needing help. I think of this everytime I am downtown and see homeless folks. I don’t think I could survive as a homeless.person.

    1. My day started out with a wonderful Spark when Teddy woke me up with a pitiful meow and his (empty) dish that he brought and put by the side of my bed. Couldn’t help but laugh.

      1. That’s so funny! They want us to believe they are truly starving… mine all pile up in the hallway by the bedroom door calling to me to hurry up with the breakfast treats! 🙂

        1. They do act like they are starving but Teddy is 16 pounds so not starving. So far Jack is normal weight…probably because Teddy eats part of his share.

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