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The peace of understanding…

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“Peace cannot be kept by force,
it can only be achieved by understanding.”
Albert Einstein

In Other Words,
write 5 lines or less using the word accidentally

I met this guy while out for my walk. He lives in the neighborhood though we never talked before because we are so different.  He was very interesting and not at all what I thought one of his kind was like and after talking, he said he felt the same.  We sort of accidentally became friends once we came to understand we aren’t all that different.

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13 thoughts on “The peace of understanding…

    1. In Other Words is on hiatus until A2Z is over. My brain only does one thing at a time these days. Hope you and Chloe Jo are feeling better. Chronic illness is taxing.

  1. I love this Spark and I love this story, Patricia! Fear prevents peace. When we get to know someone different from us we begin to understand how much more we are alike than different, we all have the same basic needs, hopes, dreams and fears. The Internet has been a wonderful tool for making friends from all over the world and I cherish that! War is such a destructive means of trying to enforce peace, they don’t go together!

    1. I think it is stupid to think a war will establish peace. All it does is put the pot on simmer for awhile then it boils over again. It takes humility and patience to understand others whether they are different than us or like us.

  2. I absolutely love this spark – if only some of the leaders around the world could have this up in their offices to see everyday.
    Have a really lovely week.

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