18 thoughts on “In Other Words, happenstance…

    1. I am very happy that random chance brought you here today, Andrew. In Other Words, will return in May when the A to Z Challenge is over. Hope you visit again…the door is always open.

  1. Hello fellow bloggers! Here’s my take on the prompt:

    Like cherry blossoms;

    buds bloomed, in lovers first spring;

    fated happenstance.

  2. It wasn’t happenstance that i found myself at Patricia’s Place this morning.
    I just happened to be out for a stroll.
    When Patricia caught my eye.
    I was looking for something good to eat.
    Patricia had some pie.

    That was pretty sad.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  3. A limerick for a change

    I met you by happenstance
    while walking in a trance
    We walked hand-in-hand, lovestruck
    till you pulled out all the muck
    we headed to splitsville, but not by chance.

    1. I can relate to your limerick. As a young woman, I was often lovestruck while in a trance.
      Thanks for posting in the comments…I forgot to do the Mr.Linky thing.

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