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D is for dreams…

colorful-1313027_640is for dreams


If all you think about is the here and now you are not fully alive.
There is more to life than what you experience with your five senses.
There is the part of life that has yet to happen.

It is important to remember the past and to live in the present.
Yet there is more, there is the future.
It is important that you look forward…beyond yesterday and today.

You need dreams to energize and excite you, or you will wither away.
You must have dreams to inspire you to a bigger and better life.
Don’t let pessimists and cynics discourage you.

You won’t always have fun or be successful.
There will be disappointment and failure.
You must work hard to make your dreams come true.

The world awaits your imagination, inventiveness, and enthusiasm.
Without your dreams, you will suffer, the world will suffer.
You must dream!

Be someone who has dreams.



15 thoughts on “D is for dreams…

  1. I feel like Huck Finn daydreaming by the river’s edge sucking on a blade of grass. I’m still hoping to be a famous writer one day even though I can wallpaper with my rejection notices. So we press on writing another piece, one more oped, another paragraph to that novel while sprawled out at that river’s edge just like Huck.

  2. When I was young I used to get in trouble at school for looking out the window and daydreaming (probably fantasizing escape from boredom) LOL I love to dream, and I enjoy waking up from good dreams where I have gone off to meet people I care about, and sometimes new ones! Dreams, hope, belief that the future can have good things in store, these are essential to a happy life. As I tell Papa Bear, it is never wrong to dream, God is aware of our dreams as well as our prayers!

    1. I have always been a daydreamer and had some problems in school but that didn’t stop the habit. I think dreams during sleep can be instruction or warning or a puzzle to work through to find an answer to something.

  3. I’ve always been a dreamer–at night and in day dreams. As I grow older I dream about the future as though I will always be capable of doing whatever I dream about. There’s reality, but I don’t let that hinder my dreams.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I am a daydreamer and sometimes I wonder if reality is real. Is thinking it is real what makes it reality? As you can see reality doesn’t hinder my dreams either.

  4. I think of dreams as a wake-up call. Some dreams come to us for a reason. I agree we should be someone who has dreams.

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