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F is for friendship…

is for friendship


Most of us have lots of people in our lives.
Most are acquaintances.
Some are friends.

There are friends you may have known all your life.
You will have best friends and casual friends.
They are usually fun to be with and to share good times.

Some friends come into your life for a season.
There is a purpose, a reason for their friendship.
When the purpose or reason passes they slip away.

There are special friends who share your life and give you their time.
They are the ones you tell all your secrets.
They are the ones you want to be with, in good times and bad.

They are the ones that listen even when you aren’t making sense.
They are always there for you even when it isn’t convenient.
These are the friends that know all about you and still love you.

They give their heart to you.
You will not have many people in life who will give you this precious gift.
Be thankful always for the blessing of their friendship and love.

Be someone who treasures the friendship
of those who love you without reservation.


20 thoughts on “F is for friendship…

  1. As I get older friendships seem to fall away. I try to accept this but it hurts quite often. I’ve learned to be gracious and trust it’s ok and not to chase someone who feels the need to leave. Suddenly God puts someone new in their place who makes me feel blessed all over again.

    1. I think sometimes friends distance themselves as we get older because they are afraid of the loss that may one day come. It’s sad, but they remain in our hearts.

    1. I have lost touch with classmates and folks from where I grew up. But I do have a couple of longtime friends I stay in touch with. One I have known for about 35 years!

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