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O is for open…

colorful-1313027_640is for open


The world can be a scary place.
Sometimes we shy away from new people and places.
When we do this we often miss out on something wonderful.

 Sometimes you need to take a risk.
Step out of your comfort zone.
Do something that makes you nervous.

No telling what will happen when you do.
You may meet someone very different from yourself.
This someone may become your best friend.

Who knows what places the two of you will explore?
You could discover you have the same dreams.
You might have a great adventure.

Life is a gift to open.
There are surprises waiting for you.
Open the box and have a wonderful time.

Be someone who is open to the world’s treasures.


11 thoughts on “O is for open…

  1. Another charming essay. I can see them all in a collection. One of those slim volumes you can slide in your jacket pocket. You have such a gift of using such few words that say so, so much.

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