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P is for problems…

colorful-1313027_640is for problems


Everyone has problems.
Big problems that are frightening.
Little problems that are bothersome.

Some problems come and go, some stick around forever.
Some can be easily solved, some can never be solved.
Whatever they are how you deal with them is up to you.

You can let problems determine your happiness.
You can allow them to control your thoughts.
You can ignore them, fight them, or use them for growth.

Problems are a fact of life.
Sometimes you cause them sometimes someone else does.
Often they just seem to happen without reason.

Problems are best dealt with creativity, work, and humor.
You can find a way to cope no matter how big and bad the problem.
Whatever it is you are bigger and better than it!

Expect problems but don’t just accept them.
Most have a point to them, a reason for being.
Maybe you have a lesson to learn or a one to teach others.

Take one day at a time.
See the beauty and wonder around you in spite of problems.
Remember your response to problems determines the consequences of them.

Be someone who understands that problems are just a part of life not the whole of it.


16 thoughts on “P is for problems…

  1. Oh thank you, Patricia! You know, you could easily do a daily or weekly column for some publication ! :). You are that good with these! I loved that problems are a part of life, not the whole of it! Yay! 🙂

    1. When I learned to expect but not accept problems a lot of them disappeared and the ones that didn’t weren’t quite so bad. Attitude is so important!

  2. Very insightful ideas and perspective on problems. Approaching them with creativity helps explore other options for solving a problem. Having an open mind to what a problem is trying to teach us also helps get through it.

    1. Thank you, Ann. I think how we look at problems determines how we solve them…or learn to live with them. I have probably learned more from problems than from any “perfect” day.

  3. Happiness is a decision you make, says the Course in Miracles. Lincoln added, folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. Luckily there are no quotes on problems. I’d say that’s a good sign, implying philosophers are searching for solutions rather than engaged in the problem at hand. We all have them though. To be happy anyway is truly an art. Love the kitty at the helm. 🙂

    1. I agree that happiness is a choice and that it takes work and commitment. There will always be problems and times when happiness seems to abandon us but in truth, we are the ones who do the abandoning. It’s okay to have a good cry and spend the day in bed but then get up, dry your eyes, blow your nose and be thankful for another day. A day to exercise the art of happiness.

          1. Marianne Williamson may have said it or Anne Lamott. Could be a 12 Step passage. I never know why a phrase sticks but God does tend to speak through other people.

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