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Q is for quirky…

colorful-1313027_640is for quirky


There are people in this world who are a bit different.
To say they are peculiar or odd is not really true.
They just look at the world and life from a different perspective.

These different people may be somewhat eccentric and unconventional.
They are often whimsical and fanciful and humorous.
The best word to describe them is quirky.

They are not linear or direct in their thinking.
Their thoughts can wander in circles and be highly imaginative.
That doesn’t mean they aren’t logical or intelligent.

They are people who think and react differently.
They can be exasperating and annoying at times.
More often they are charming and entertaining.

Personally, I like quirky people.
They make me think outside of myself.
Life would be dull without some characters in the mix.

Be someone who accepts people for who they are, even the quirky.



11 thoughts on “Q is for quirky…

        1. Yes, I do like you. We could meet at Starbucks. I would wait there while you go for your run. Then we could solve the world’s problems while we have our coffee.

          1. All day. Some people and their laptops spend the day there. I see them every time I pass by since I’m in and out so much. We’ll get Teddy and Jack service credentials and get a table for 4…:)

  1. My ex-husband has Asperger’s. He means well, but he doesn’t pick up on social cues and sometimes inadvertently upsets people with his sense of humor.
    My son is high-functioning autistic. He does pick up on social cues and tries not to upset people the way his father inadvertently does. His problem tends to be more people not understanding that he can get overstimulated and pushing him to do to much, at which point he becomes anxious and depressed.
    I have type 2 bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. All are well controlled, but I still deal with a lot of inner turmoil. People accused me of looking to get out of things most of my life, when really, I was just trying not to fall apart.
    I think most people would do well to try and understand that those of us whose brains don’t work “normally” really aren’t trying to “cause problems.” We sometimes need things approached from a different angle than most people do.

    1. I understand some of what you and your family face. I have a friend with Aspergers and know someone with an autistic son. My brother suffered from bipolar and disassociative identity disorder and OCD. Life can be really hard. It is sad when those who mean to help are unaware of the best way to be of help and sometimes make things worse. The world needs people who look at the things from a different angle. Everyone has a reason for their life. Often hard to know or understand what it is but there is a reason and purpose.

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