A to Z Challenge 2018 · whatever!

V is for voice…

colorful-1313027_640is for voice


Everyone has a voice.
Some voices are loud and noisy.
Some are soft and quiet.

Some people talk a lot.
Some talk very little.
But everyone has something to say.

Some folks have important and beautiful things to say that need to be heard.
What some people have to say is silly or ugly and of little value.
It is essential that you learn the difference.

Whoever and whatever you listen to use discretion.
Then listen to the most valuable voice.
The still, small voice of your conscience.

There is a reason you have a voice of conscience.
It is a gift that protects you.
Carefully listen to your own voice.

Be someone who hears and heeds your own voice. 


9 thoughts on “V is for voice…

  1. Very very good! :). Only you are on V, so that means only 4 more left. Wwaaahhhh! Someone is going to need to call me a wwwaaaahhhmbulance!

  2. I’ve turned off most of the ugly voices. There seem to be so many of late. I prefer to hear the positive and loving voices. Life is full of choices.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

      1. You should be. Not everyone can write that way. I compare you to the likes of Patti Smith also a poet. It’s a special genre, a true art to write prose in your (and Patti’s) inimitable style.

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