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W is for wonders…

colorful-1313027_640is for wonders


Remember when you were a kid and everything you saw was new?
Everything was a discovery to investigate.
Life was a wonderland to examine from every angle.

You are older now and everything is the same old thing.
It may seem everything is dull and a bit tattered and worn.
You might be thinking nothing new is out there to explore.

Well, you may be dull and a bit tattered and worn but wonderland isn’t.
Wonderland still exists and awaits you with surprises and astonishments.
Let go of the adult you, grab your inner child, and go play for awhile.

Might take a little time and practice getting to know that kid again.
The adult you might get in the way at first but persevere.
The wonders of life are worth more than a boring grown-up glance.

Be someone who explores the wonders of life.


15 thoughts on “W is for wonders…

    1. There is nothing better than seeing the wonders of the world and life. Make all the other stuff seem like little gnats, bothersome but harmless.

  1. Taking a road-trip is a good way to see wondrous things. I’m still got my kid in me. Never going to let that one go.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. Yes I’m indeed tattered and worn but, still am amazed at all I see. I have learned this from my animal friends who are dazzled by leaves they happily chase and new 4-legged friends they encounter and meet. 🙂

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