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For the past year, I have been going to the library downtown because the branch that is four blocks from where I live has been closed for much-needed renovations. Going downtown every couple of weeks wasn’t a big deal but it was inconvenient having to take the bus. Instead of a pleasant ten-minute walk, there was the waiting for the bus, the twenty minutes to get to the library and the same to get back home, not to mention needing exact change for the bus fare. The neighborhood branch reopened last week and I included a visit there when I took my walk the other day; it felt good to be at my library again, to see the old staff and meet the new. But it was strange and made me sad to see that though the new library is beautiful, with desks and comfy chairs, new computers, lots of movies and CD’s and even outdoor tables and chairs on two patios, there are fewer actual books on the shelves and somehow that just seems wrong.

29 thoughts on “In Other Words, library…

    1. I understand. The library is a haven to me, a place I like to be. Having to go to a different branch after almost forty years of visiting the neighborhood branch wasn’t fun but I am glad there was still a library nearby that I could go to.

    1. It is odd to have fewer books than media at the library but probably the future of libraries. It is an older neighborhood with homes and businesses in houses and lots of trees and gardens. Great place to walk and get some exercise at the same time.

    1. I don’t know if there will be more books. The shelves they have are full…just not as many shelves as before and a lot of them have DVDs and CDs on them. It’s a digital world now.

  1. Perhaps it’s just a matter of time and gradual re-stocking. I know in a city near us, when the library was renovated, its stock was scattered to affiliated facilities. It took five months to return all books to the renovated building.

    1. I hope that will happen here but they will need more shelves as all are full now. There are more CDs and DVDs than books. Makes me feel old…well, I am old but don’t like feeling like an old person.

  2. My, have times changed, however, it’s nice to know the library was renovated and is still part of the area where you live. Thank you for visiting the TC Cafe.

  3. My fingers trembled at the first touch. A strange kind of excitement erupted in my heart. Every nerve in my body tingled with an unknown yet oddly familiar sensation. What lies beneath the crispy hard ruggedness, I wondered. Once again, the soul longed to drown itself in the elixir hidden behind those ancient leather-bound books, neatly stacked on the shelves of my neighbourhood library.

      1. I spent a lot of my time in the library at school, and took great pride in making sure my section (Classics and Latin) had attractive shelf displays as it was the one seen from the corridor!

  4. OH . . .I am sorry for the changes of less books! Our library moved some years ago now. It is probably closer to us than before. But it had been in the old building so long . . .it just wasn’t the same for me when they moved. Aub had a bad experience in The new spot with someone and we just haven’t used it much, sad to say! Hope they can stock up more at your library in the days to come! More books please! 🙂

    1. I think more people are wanting e-books or audiobooks so “real” books aren’t as popular. I usually have books on a hold list and when they are available I get an email and go pick them up but I do like to browse the shelves. Sad that the bad experience has put a dark shadow on the library. Maybe time will heal the wound. I hope so.

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