17 thoughts on “Quotes & Questions 5/25/2018…

    1. I hadn’t thought of it before but you are right that because people are uncomfortable with compliments whether it is giving or receiving them there should be more compliments. I wonder when/why compliments became sort of taboo?

  1. I love…
    Without compliments, sincere compliments,
    we sort of wither. I try to always say something kind to whomever I meet, even if I have to dig. Wither is a wonderful word since we are like flowers that need water and sun. 🙂

    1. The world would be a bleak and weary place if we didn’t have kind words to brighten our days.
      Hope your weekend is lovely.

  2. Even though I think complements are important, they are not our only source of nourishment. Love is another thing we feed on, for instance.

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