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Quotes & Questions, 6/1/2018…

watchingq“You can, you should, and if
you are brave enough to start you will.”
Stephen King

I agree with Mr. King but…there are times it is more courageous not to start something even if you can and think you should.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Quotes & Questions, 6/1/2018…

  1. I love S. King for his book, On Writing, and he’s very successful so saying that makes sense coming from him. For me, it’s always a self-esteem issue fearing I’ll fail. I always toss my hat in the ring anyway, to quote Teddy (Roosevelt, not your Teddy, though it’s something if he could, he might say) but many times I’m sorry, especially in regards to a failed friendship or love affair.


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