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Quotes & Questions 6/8/2018


“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems,
but it will annoy enough people
to make it worth the effort.”
Hern Albright

People with a negative attitude annoy me,
but I never considered that my positive attitude might annoy others.
It seems strange to me that a positive attitude would be annoying.

Are you a negative or positive person?
What makes you think or feel the way you do?
Are you annoyed when others have a different attitude than you?




27 thoughts on “Quotes & Questions 6/8/2018

  1. Was just reading Dalai Lama quotes, and he said, and I’ll paraphrase…smile at the person who doesn’t smile back because think how much he needs your smile. Your elegant essay highlights that. I try to be cheerful, my first chord, and what I need to work on is not feeling hurt when it’s often rejected. It’s never about me or you, but the other person who can’t see through their fog. We must keep trying Patricia. Thank you/

    1. Because we are positive people we do keep trying. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be positive, would we? Being rejected always hurts but it hurts more to look back at what we could have offered but didn’t because of the fear of being hurt.
      BTW Saying my essay was elegant was a very positive thing to say. I can’t say I agree with your statement but it did make me feel good. 🙂

      1. When I think of the word elegant, I see classic and spare: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly…the Chrysler Building. Your gift for the economy of words joins the list. Your humility saying you don’t agree is like a sidecar alongside…:)

  2. I’m a pessimist who projects happiness with smiles. Odd, I know. Once long ago a neighbor made me angry with her positive outlook. We had no electricity because of a hurricane. She went on and on about how blessed we were. I thought to myself that she should have kept her mouth shut. She had hot water and could cook on top of her stove. Her children were grown, and mine were underfoot. Grr! It was a good experience, though, because it taught me what not to do.

          1. I grew up in TN, not CT. If you had my self-control, you would not help people like you do. Your impulsiveness is a blessing to the world.

            1. Well, that’s a nice spin to put on it, but one day someone’s gonna smack me good and hard. I find more and more people don’t necessarily want help. Pollyanna may need to take an early retirement. sigh

    1. I do think we need to be sensitive to the troubles of those around us and not be obnoxious with our encouragement. I wonder if your neighbor knew we are to share our blessings? Like she could have offered to let you bathe your children at her house or brought you hot food. No point in being positive if we keep our blessings to ourselves.

  3. Mostly I am a positive person. A long time ago, I was going through a really bad time. I didn’t talk about it but there was one person at work that was always Pollyanna with me and I couldn’t stand it. I finally blew up at her (and immediately felt badly). I’ve learned to recognize and acknowledge people’s issues but I will never tell them it’s going to be alright (unless they are kids). They need to work it through themselves.

    1. I don’t think I know any Pollyanna’s but I can see where they could be annoying. Being a positive person doesn’t mean being unrealistic. I think it is just being strong and living with hope in spite of appearances.

  4. I am a positive person. Every now and then the news gets to me so I move on from it. I can’t see why being positive would be annoying.

    1. The news could turn one’s hair gray, I’ll give you that. I just lost an old friend because I’d ask, tell me something good, to try to detour the negativity. She stopped speaking to me. sigh

      1. I have a negative friend, as well. I try to stay clear of her but it’s not easy. It’s unfortunate how things turn out and they are not within our control most of the time.

    2. I don’t know why positive thoughts would be annoying. Maybe some folks think we are trying to force our outlook on them and they are happy being unhappy.

  5. My boss used to,ask me why I was smiling! Haha! I think it was a foreign concept to him , to be smiling at work!

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