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In Other Words, twaddle…

In Other Words

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word twaddle
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Here’s my story inspired by twaddle


She is one hundred years old and remembering the first time she voted, somewhere around 1939.  She had listened to the candidate’s speeches on the radio and read articles in the newspapers about what they were going to do for the people of this nation,  studied the excellent proposals, and listened to all the admirable promises then voted for who she thought would be the best to lead the country.  Now she is in a voting booth once again considering today’s candidates and their speeches, proposals, promises, and lots of media hype that contradicts everything and can’t help thinking she’s heard it all before.  She’s been around a long time and has had a good life in spite of who she may or may not have voted for and whether or not they did what they said they would do. Really, it seems to her they simply like to hear themselves talk and most of what they say is just twaddle.

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