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Quotes & Questions, 6/22/2018

watchingq“We are not meant to stay wounded.”
Caroline Myss

Many find it difficult to let go of their hurt.
In my younger days, I was like that.
All I did was make the pain worse.
I have learned to let go so my heart can heal.
It ain’t easy but it’s worth the work.

Do you stay wounded or
do you allow healing to happen?

13 thoughts on “Quotes & Questions, 6/22/2018

  1. A million dollar question if there ever was one. I try to heal but I’m so drastically sensitive sometimes the hurt throbs with no end in sight. I do know, by not letting it go, you’re the only one who truly suffers. The party that caused it unconsciously or otherwise doesn’t have a clue, and if they do, quite often than not, don’t care. The world in which we live in. sigh

    1. I am pretty good at letting things go but that wasn’t always the case. It’s true that those who cause the hurt often don’t know or care. Makes me wonder how often am I the offender?

      1. You’re so sensitive. I’m betting not all that often you offend. I sometimes if not pausing before speaking will say something I regret, so pausing is worth practicing. It’s that 5 second delay thing. Happy 4th.

    1. I try to ask myself, will this matter in the long run? Does it deserve the attention it’s getting? We’re fragile creatures, even while putting up a good front.

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