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Quotes & Questions, 7/6/2018

Q&Q “Your conscious presence
in your own life is powerful.
It’s a gift to be present—a gift for you and
for whomever you share your life with.”
Maria Shriver

I often find my mind wandering. It’s a time of complete relaxation and self-indulgence and that’s okay when I am alone and don’t need to be focused on anything in particular. I think of this wandering as a gift to myself and it sometimes leads to a wonderful awakening within me.  It’s not okay when my mind wanders when I am with someone. Then it is just rude, like giving them a beautifully wrapped gift box with nothing in it.

Have you ever thought of your conscious presence
as a gift to yourself and others?




10 thoughts on “Quotes & Questions, 7/6/2018

  1. It’s like recharging your batteries, but it must be done when one is alone. You’re right, it would be rude if you were with someone.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

    1. Yes, it’s rude to wander when with someone but if I get bored it’s a struggle to stay with them. Doesn’t happen often but sometimes off I go who knows where.

  2. IMO, it’s healthy for our minds to wander. It’s a way to relax and renew. Of course, as you mentioned, it’s okay when we’re alone but rude when we’re with someone.

  3. When I was younger, I was often accused of drifting off as someone spoke having no idea I did this. I think it was the writer in me daydreaming already embarking into the future. With my manners cleaned up, I will sit and think and drift for my own sake since, it’s nature’s way of saying, put your feet up, rest your mind awhile. A lovely essay as always. Susannah

    1. In school, my wandering mind was a big problem! I was more focused when I worked. Now that I am retired I seem to be reverting to my youthful ways. I am enjoying it!

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