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In Other Words, wallowing…

In Other Words

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Here are my 5 lines this week inspired by a Saturday best forgotten.
But all is well now. I never overdo wallowing.

It started first thing in the morning and just kept on.
Nothing was right and everything was wrong.
It was just one of those awful no good days.
Might as well put on an ugly grumpy face.
Go ahead and let the wallowing begin!

15 thoughts on “In Other Words, wallowing…

  1. The picture is priceless. Wonder what she’s thinkin’? There’s no future in wallowing. I’ve tried it. You have such a gift for brevity, but I’ve told you that before. 🙂

    1. There is no future in wallowing but sometimes it helps me know what I don’t want in my life and I can get out of the ruts of the mundane.

    1. Some do make a career of wallowing. I don’t do it often but sometimes a good wallowing helps me appreciate the good life I have. Not sure that makes sense to anyone but me 😉

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