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Learning to act…


“We never really grow up,
we only learn how to act in public.”
Bryan White

I agree that we–all of us–never really grow up but most of us have learned how to act in public.  However, there are some people who need a refresher course in public behavior. It seems those most in need of such a course are celebrities and politicians.

Or is just that celebrities and politicians get all the press so we know about their bad behavior while “normal” people get away with it because the public doesn’t know or care?





16 thoughts on “Learning to act…

  1. I’m thankful that the huge majority of people that I see behave with good manners. I don’t watch TV, and I skip over things I don’t want to read about in the newspaper.

    1. I too have pretty stable well-behaved folks around me. I don’t watch the news but do read the newspaper. Reading the paper every day I have found what is reported one day is often turned around the next day or week. I wonder if anyone really knows what’s going on.

    2. Manners are so important and I too try to stay with those who still have them.
      It will always amaze me what you read about in the papers. Vulgarity in print is on the rise. sigh

  2. I think it applies everywhere. Certain politicians should lead by example but alas, acting with integrity seems to have gone south, like Palm Beach. Celebrities could use a little humility as well. No one acknowledges blessings anymore Patricia. They all feel it’s their due. Our world has gone mad it seems. Sigh

    1. I do think those in the public eye and in positions of importance and power should think twice, or more, before they speak or act. I also think that the press and social media often report things out of context making things out to be what they aren’t always meant to be. If blessings were acknowledged there certainly be less complaining going on and the world would be less crazy.

      1. Amen to that. I am not a social media fan, odd for the blogging fool that I am, and the news makes me sick but these are the times we live in, but I think both of us would have been happier when technology wasn’t so prevalent. Privacy has become a thing of the past. I liked the quote by the way.

        1. I am not a social media fan either. I don’t Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I do Have a Pinterest account where I keep stuff I want to look at again like crochet patterns and DIY projects…stuff like that.

          1. I’m glad to know I’m not alone. Sometimes I feel like a freak in that area. Like I’m shut down yet I write on a site for the whole world to see. A paradox to quote Anne Lamont.

  3. Good question, I deplore what politicians have permitted themselves to become – with our complicity, but I wonder that we are hoist on our own hypocrisy.

  4. I think it’s a contest with them. The world has gone pretty wacky. I’m not sure sometimes if some of this isn’t embellished upon. Great advice.

    Have a fabulous day being a good and kind child. ♥

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