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Where is Jack…


Mama has the nail clippers in her hand and that is not a good thing.  She says it is a necessary part of good grooming and must be done.  Well, I am quite capable of keeping my grooming good and that includes doing my manicure. It just happens that I like my claws long and sharp as any self-respecting cat does but she likes them short and stubby.  I have to go into hiding until she gets tired of looking for me and I have the perfect place.  She will never find me!


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22 thoughts on “Where is Jack…

  1. Cats are not the best at hiding, even though they think they are clever! With five cats in the house nail trimming day is an event! Smokey quickly begins to work on sharpening his up again. 😻

    1. I think the cats think if they can’t see me I can’t see them. Both Teddy and Jack hate the clippers. I rarely get Jack’s done because he draws blood…mine.

  2. Aw, so cute. I think your tail is giving you away though. Mom’s mostly win with these things. Nice try though.

    Hope you had a purrfect Feline Friday. Thanks for linking up. ♥

    1. This Mama doesn’t always win. In fact, when comes to manicures I usually only do two or three nails and off he goes in a hissy fit.

  3. Pssst, Pssst, Jack! Reel in your tail!! lol Oh, that’s a funny, funny picture! How did Jack get up there? Is he some sort of ninja, matrix flying kitty? 🙂

  4. Today I put our turtles Barney and Elsa on the carpet while I cleaned their tank. Elsa is the smallest of the two but most adventurous. She stole off to hide under my wife’s power wheelchair, next to our large male cat, Thumper. It was fun to watch the two explore new creatures, as to date they hadn’t been exposed to each other. It caused me to think about how we humans interact with others who are alien to us. Are we inquisitive but welcoming, or brash and bald?
    Jesus was more the former than the latter, IMO. And I think he was only bald when others were brash.
    May we listen carefully to the whispers as we observe and participate in the moment, no matter who or what shows up.

    peace to you Patricia.

    1. How did the turtle and the cat get along? I am sure it was interesting to watch them. As to your question…I am usually inquisitive or curious and most often somewhat careful in my welcoming of strangers. I am a work in progress.

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