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The Gloaming…

It’s Tuesday at the BrewNSpew Cafe
This week’s challenge is to write a poem using the word gloaming.
I have come to the Cafe a bit late today but I do have a poem.
In the shadows of twilight
She walks alone in candlelight
Through darkness and gloom
With aching heart to the tomb
In the gloaming of nightfall
She awaits her lover’s call

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12 thoughts on “The Gloaming…

  1. I like your gloaming poeming, if I might coin the phrase. Is not such a bard or minstrel’s vain right?
    your brother gregory
    and I add:
    Oh, your words are plucking upon the heartstrings of my soulish self. Should I listen to the music, or catch you creeping in your stealth into the backyard of my mind and there to whisper softly my own words from so many distance tears ago… “though but a foot of ground to plant my feet, who more shall crave I fondly ask. Yet patience to prevent shall shine as it shines now and heretofore I am the self-consumer of my woes. Can I not hope it should not be?”

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