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The nightmare…

tltweek141photo by Joey Nicotra via Unsplash

The Nightmare

A horrible nightmare woke me up last night and I couldn’t go back to sleep.  There were weird multi-colored people who were chasing people and when they caught them put them in huge microwaves and cooked them and then ate them.  I am exhausted and need a nap but I’m afraid to go to sleep because I might have that dream again and if I do I might have a heart attack!

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11 thoughts on “The nightmare…

    1. Thankfully, I rarely have nightmares. If I had one like this I would be worried about myself. As for whether people would be crispy if microwaved…it might depend on their fat content. 🙂

    1. Most of my nights are restful unless I have misbehaving cats sharing my bed. I haven’t had a nightmare in a long time and never one like in the story.

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