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The discovery…

In Other Words

The Discovery


Five-year-old Mike went to his friend George’s house because George had a new baby sister and he wanted Mike to see her.  George’s mom was giving Amy a bath when he met her. She was sort of cute he guessed but he wasn’t sure; he had never seen a new baby before so he didn’t know what to expect. When he went home he ran into the kitchen quite excited to tell his mommy about the morning and his discovery. Shouting loudly asked, “Hey, Mommy did you know girls are different than boys?”

In Other Words
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  1. I can’t help but to kibitz. Your comment are so alluring. I’m not the only one who appreciates your prose. Brevity will always impress me since it’s an area I pale in, accessorizing a bit too much. There’s a 12 Step slogan I like: be bold, be brief, be gone. I truly loved Amy being George and Mike’s very first teacher. Women rock, at any age. 👍

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