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He said, she said…


He said, “I love winter because I am not sneezing all the time
because of my seasonal allergies.”
She said,  “I am happy for you but I hate winter because with
all the holiday hype and all the stuff I have to do
I am always grumpy and tired.”
He said, “Really?”
She said, ” Yeah, I guess you could say I have seasonal moods.”

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22 thoughts on “He said, she said…

  1. I am trying so hard to have good cheer, acting as if t comes naturally…however, one can say we might just be allergic to pollen, shellfish along with the Holidaze doing the best we can.

    So, excuse me Patricia, while I deck the halls.

    Loved your little litany…and the kitty welcoming us in.

    1. I have to work on the cheerful thing…it does not come easily during this season. Other seasons are not as difficult. How do your halls look all decked out? My halls are not decked out this year…first time with no decorations.

      1. I have a tiny tree someone sent me years ago I place on a shelf. It’s modest yet cheers me in its simplicity. Keeping it all simple helps. Toss in a coupla cats and you’re good to go. 🙂

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