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I would be rich…

I would galumph around the house ranting
Telling everyone all the things I was wanting
My mother would say to me,
Queenie, if wishes were money
oh, how rich you would be.

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10 thoughts on “I would be rich…

  1. If wishes were money, tee hee … just like winning a lottery. But cats wishes are their commands.

  2. I’m really getting a kick out of the outfit there, and that picture seems to perfectly match your words. And I’m glad that our cat Lindy Hopp still is a very rich cat. We sure should have named her Queenie. Btw, when she was the runt kitten and fairly ignored she discovered we would pay her attention. When we would start talking to her and try to get her used to being touched with a finger, she began jumping up on our laps and bouncing in the strangest four-legged wiggle jumps for many seconds at a time; hence we named her after a dance style from many generations past.
    When I read your words the memories seem to flow. Thank you for all you give us, and for enjoying yourself. Of course you enjoy your cats. hahaha

    1. Your kitty, Lindy Hopp, sounds like a sweetie who knew just how to get you wrapped around her little paw. And thank you for your kind thoughts.

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