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Teddy’s trial…


Well, it has been a not so good new year for me!

I had a problem. I tried to hide it from Mama but she has radar or something and figured out that I was having a problem.  I was licking my boy part…a lot…then I started chewing it. Mama caught me and started watching me really closely.  She even followed me into the closet when I went use the litter box.  I mean really a guy needs his privacy!

Anyway, that’s when she found out I couldn’t pee more than a drop. So I had to go to the cat clinic place that very day…right away as in emergency!  My regular man vet wasn’t there so I saw a lady vet.  I liked that better…I don’t care much for people in general and men specifically so the lady was kinda nice, I guess.

She took me into another room and took pictures of my bladder and did a urine test. I had crystals in there and an infection! The vet gave me a shot and gave pills and some bad tasting liquid stuff to Mama to give me at home. There is also special food that Jack and I like a lot! We hope we get to keep eating it but Mama says it costs more than her groceries so maybe not. We’ll see what the lady vet says.

It was awful but I am peeing now so that’s good but Mama says there is another trip to see the lady vet coming next week to make sure I am not making any more crystals in my bladder. Mama told me she had a cat, Henry, who had the same thing and he had his boy part cut off! I’m pretty sure that would be awful so I hope all the yucky medicine worked.


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39 thoughts on “Teddy’s trial…

  1. Dear Teddy…so sorry to hear you’re under the weather, but I’m sure you’ll be just fine since your Mama takes such good care of you. Boy parts are very important to boys, I know that so try not to worry and don’t forget to eat your spinach. My Mama told me when I was little it was good for all things. Your Friend, Susannah

    1. Don’t know about spinach but the special food from the vet is good. Tastes much better than the medicine Mama was sticking down my throat. 🙀

  2. Well Teddy, we wouldn’t want you to have your boy parts cut off, so I hope you are recovering with the help of that nice lady vet.

  3. I will add you to my prayer list Teddy. I hope you feel better soon. If you need to stay on the food, tell your mom to start a gofund me to get help paying for it. I will help promote it for you.

    1. Thank you for the prayers. Mama does that,too. She says it’s the best medicine of all. I like the food and so does Jack. If we stay on it Mama knows where she can order it for less money. So nice of you to offer to help…just keep on praying that’s the best!

  4. Oh no, Teddy. I’m glad mom paid attention. I hope you get well soon.

    Thanks for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a healthy Feline Friday and weekend. My best to your mom.😎

  5. I hope that medicine worked well and the lady vet says you are all better now. The fountain is a good idea if you will drink from it.

    1. I think I am all better but have to go to the clinic next week to be sure. I don’t know what a fountain is but maybe Mama will get us one.

  6. How very upsetting!
    Mr. M had UTI issues, so we did 2 things, 1) we purchased a water fountain because cats drink more when the water is running (I suspect this response was programed into them over the generations, where in the wild, stagnant water could mean bad water.) 2) We added a cap full of King Bio Urinary Tract Irritations Control for Cats into the water every time we cleaned/refilled the fountain. After we began that regime, the only infection he had was while we were on vacation (and forgot to tell the petsitter about adding the meds).
    Get well, Teddy!

      1. UTI issues aren’t unusual for feral cats, in fact, they are particularly common in males. Hope Teddy recovers and doesn’t relapse.

    1. It is upsetting! It’s awful when a catkid is sick and can’t tell you what’s wrong. Teddy has been a good boy through it all. Judging by his activities this weekend I think the worst is over. I have heard fountains are good for pet’s but not sure we will get one. Not a lot of room here.🐆

      1. Our fountain isn’t huge, even though it’s one of the larger ones (100 ounces) We decided on the bigger one because of multiple pets.

  7. Oh no! Gracie has crystals when I adopted her. She “dripped” urine with blood after she tried to go. She’s OK now (at least I hope). Hugs to Teddy. No cat should have man parts that hurt.

    1. Maggie had a UTI last year and getting some pee to test was a riot, but I managed to catch a few drips. Poor love, she was in a lot of distress as she couldn’t go. Some meds soon pout it to rights tthank goodness.

        1. I was following her round with a flat dish to push under her when she squatted, but apparently there are little gizmos you can buy that are dishes on a stick so that you don’t cramp their style. Males of course are a different matter!

    2. It is scary when the catkids are sick. They can’t tell you with words what’s bothering them…gotta be a detective and look for the clues they try to hide. I think his man parts are safe.

      1. So true. I recently lost Hazel. She had a large abdominal mass and congestive heart failure and I was clueless until she had trouble breathing. I have an older cat that I keep checking to make sure I’m not missing anything.

    3. Seems crystals in cats is fairly common. Especially difficult in males. So far Teddy is doing well. He is loving the extra lovin…like he doesn’t get enough when everything is normal.

      1. Gracie was not a good patient. She’s difficult to pill, won’t eat special diets and how can you tell a cat to drink more water. Fortunately she did get better.

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