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Eccentric lightness…


Many in the small town she calls home laugh at her and some even shun her, thinking she is odd and eccentric in her ways. It doesn’t matter, what they say or think about her that doesn’t concern her, but she is concerned for them. They are so heavily burdened with intolerance and narrow-mindedness they see none of the goodness around them. They could leave the dull darkness where they dwell if they would just open their hearts and step into the wonderment that is in the lightness of joy. Oh, how happy it would make her odd eccentric self to welcome them into the bright and beautiful world she knows and loves.

The word at the Cafe this week is ECCENTRIC


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14 thoughts on “Eccentric lightness…

  1. I truly relate to Mary who doesn’t sound like a 9 to 5er but, it doesn’t make her any less charming. I love how her heart opens rather than shuts at their limitations. It’s a large lesson in perspective Patricia, and echoes…what you think of me, is really none of my business. Another one of your gems. Susannah

    1. Thank you, Susannah. “what you think of me, is really none of my business” More people should think this way. We would all get along better.

      1. It’s a 12 Step slogan, one of many I’ve come to lean on. To be judged is never fun so it’s best to look the other way, whistling a happy tune despite censor or casual criticism others conduct like a sport. Sigh

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