Friday, truth or tale... · whatever!

Friday, truth or tale…

I write a story that will be truth or tale.
Some stories will be 100% truth (or close to it) others will be 100% tale.
Most will be a little bit of both.
You can decide where the story belongs.

Image by Irina_kukuts from Pixabay

The little boy ran into the kitchen and told his mom some exciting news. “Guess what Mom! I learned a new word at school today and it’s a bad one!  “Really? You learned a bad word at school?” “Well, not in school but at school on the playground at recess.”

“So, tell me what is the word?” “It’s not a word you say.  It’s a word you do!” “Oh, okay, show me the bad word you do.” “Don’t get mad when I do it. I know bad words are not used in this house except under ‘ceptional circumstands.”  “I won’t get mad,” his curious mom said. With that, he stood up very straight, lifted his arm, made a fist, and stuck one finger up.  “It’s called the finger,” he said with a serious face.

With great effort to keep from laughing, she said, “Oh my, you best be careful who you show that bad word. Looks like a fighting word to me.”  “Don’t worry, Mom, after I show Dad tonight I won’t do it again.”  “Good to know, Son.”

She could hardly wait to see her husbands reaction to their son’s new word that you don’t say but do.  Hopefully, Dad won’t laugh when he sees the demonstration or tell him he is using the wrong finger.




16 thoughts on “Friday, truth or tale…

  1. My six-year-old son came from school and told his eight years, old sister, he knew a word she didn’t. With glee he said vigina (sic) we’ve laughed about that often and his concern when I told him what a vagina is.

    1. I wonder what he thought the word meant before it was explained to him? He must have been surprised by it.😽

  2. I think this one is true. It’s so cute too. Kids can get stuff wrong so very easily.

    I linked this post to Feline Friday. That’s a good looking kitty.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, my friend. ♥

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