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In Other Words, ho-hum…


Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less
Use the picture and/or the word ho-hum as inspiration
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In Other Words

10 thoughts on “In Other Words, ho-hum…

  1. Quite late, but here’s my contribution~

  2. posted in beauty in nature, creative writing & inspiration, fun & holidays, personal thoughts
    Here is my contribution! Yours was so cute that it inspired me to write my puppy!


    Ho – Hum…… In the Mind of a 16 week -old Puppy
    Taken from my dog Mom and my sisters & brothers,
    I come to a new place with 2 doggies and a cat, rather uppity,
    The younger doggie, a tiny thing, is snappy and can’t be bothered,
    I learn from her and get told, “No!” Human parents are so jumpity!
    The older dog gently growls, but she’s warm and sort of like a mother.

    Every time I turn around, there is some sort of new rule,
    Just where do I use the restroom? One goes on a pad,
    One goes outside and one uses a darned litter box. Egad!
    My teeth always hurt, so I must chew and chew!

    Which toy can I chew? They all taste so very yummy nummy!
    What is a puppy to do? The human parents say, “No!” But I’m no dummy!”
    Maybe the doggie will protect me, “Please, will you?”
    The tiny dog just snickers. “It was not me, Yahoo!”
    At the end of the day, I curl up with Granny & Mommy too. All comfy and warm.
    All and all, my life is pretty dandy and cool. Way above the norm!


    1. Sounds like the puppy has joined a full house! Definitely more than 5 Lines or Less but thanks for joining in.

  3. Ho-hum…slips off my tongue with a beat like a drum
    Perhaps a song awaits in the ho-hum boredom – quiet
    I dare not stay there too long for I don’t know what my ears might hear.
    Thoughts rushing in, anything but peaceful – I wait – passively letting them through
    The ho-hum re-appears and I can sing once again.

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