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Friday, truth or tale…

On Friday,
I write stories that are truth or tale.
Some stories will be 100% truth (or close to it)
others will be 100% tale.
Most will be a little bit of both.
You can decide where the story belongs.

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

It was a beautiful summer afternoon just perfect for a picnic. The leafy trees provided shade and a soft breeze and the colorful flowers added their sweet fragrance giving a wonderful backdrop for the young lover’s picnic.

They spread out the blanket and she unpacked the basket she had filled with her sweetheart’s favorite lunch. They ate and talked and laughed about things they had shared and remembered some quarrels and tears. But mostly they talked about their future. They would soon be married and begin life together as Mr. and Mrs. It was exciting and scary at the same time.

After lunch they had champagne and chocolates that he brought for dessert. Well, soon the lovers started doing what lovers do and no longer aware of the trees and flowers just simply wrapped in one another, so to speak.

After a bit they heard the sound of soft marching and singing. There were high chirpy voices of little boys and an adult voice telling the boys about what they were seeing on their nature walk. Too quickly the voices were close and changed to whispers and giggles and the startled gasp of the adult.

The Cub Scouts were very interested in the couple who were now somewhat covered by the picnic blanket and the Den Mother was trying not to laugh as she shooed the boys in another direction as quickly as possible. Then she turned to the lovers and with a smile blew them a kiss.

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  1. I love, whether it’s true or not. The sweetness, the innocence. I love that he brought chocolates, and she packed his favorite savories. See, I relate. I love like that…big and sugary, all bets are off, as well as that dress he gently raised over her head. You’re so swell Patricia. šŸ™‚

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