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“Any salesman knows you have to
deal with people the way they are.
Not how you’d like them to be.”
Helen DeWitt

Image by oe4yla from Pixabay

People are who and what they are and that’s a fact. I spent most of my working life dealing with people. I was a hairdresser, store clerk, card shop manager, and I sold furniture. All required trying to understand what people wanted whether or not it made sense to me and keeping my cool when they were anything but nice. To be sure most folks were nice and easy to deal with but there were those that taught me the importance of patience.

But it is not just sales people who must deal with people the way they are. Everyone has people in their life. Some folks have big families and lots of friends and associates others don’t. Unless you are a hermit living in a cave or on a deserted island there are people in your life.

Some people are a joy and others are, shall we say, difficult. The difficult are the ones that need us to be patient and kind though we may want to slap them up the side of the head. Usually, we don’t know what is going on in their life and if we did perhaps we would be shocked that they are able to have any type of interaction with us at all.

Truly, if we are honest with ourselves we will admit to sometimes being difficult and in need of quiet understanding with no slapping or wringing of our necks being done. So let’s try to be kind and patient and understanding of those that seem so ugly and hard to get along with. Maybe they just need someone to hear them…really hear what they are saying under all the bluster and blowing. Maybe they just need a smile and an encouraging word. I know there are times when I am difficult and that’s all I want or need to be my pleasant self again.


19 thoughts on “Monday Musings…

  1. Yes we all live with projection (the ‘Who me?’ syndrome) and everyone has a plausible story of the ‘worst person’ who treats them badly, but I would agree, a step towards loving acceptance is very inviting and healing.

    1. I think there are people who think loving acceptance is being a doormat for those who would walk all over them. There are boundaries in acceptance but the door needn’t be locked.

  2. Thanks for raising the blinds a little, yet again I must add. As I read this and then reflected on my own personal, as well as social, Blue Meanies I realized that for me the trouble may be that I want to be treated equal-liked-accepted or at least tolerated by my fellow human beings. Of course, I must do the same for my own self as well as others.

    If I acknowledge that I do not want to be equal with, liked by, accepted by some folks because of who and what they are/represent I am free to not take their own trouble on my own shoulders. That is something I can recall within the moment of my own bad acting, so I do not respond in kind to the Blue Meanies. It also helps me begin catching myself in the midst of being thus to others. I do not want to emulate those who bring trouble, persecution, ostracization, and prejudice into the lives of others.

    Thanks again, Patricia.

    1. I think if we let our hearts do their thing our minds would become more open to listening to others and responding with patience and kindness. But for some reason, we have come to believe we must protect and shield our hearts at all costs. When we do that our spirit resists the Spirit and we lose.

  3. This was very timely since I got very annoyed at something someone did today, I felt was very inappropriate. A third party said…they didn’t do it with malice, hey just did it. I wish that could have lessened the sting, but, alas, it did not.

    I appreciated what you wrote. The candor wrapped in humanity. Susannah

    1. It is easy for me to get annoyed but I have learned to take a couple of breaths before I respond. It helps me control my temper. I think we all need to slow down and relax our psyches. 😀

  4. I agree, but some just need a good slap upside the head. Just saying.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays as always.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

    1. Yep, and sometimes that is me. Thanks for linking this to Awww Mondays. The cat looks like he could use a slap but a soft pat would probably be better.

  5. Perfectly stated, amen! It is said that those who are the most difficult to love (or even just be kind to) are the ones who need it the most. They are here to teach us that we can always rise above and be kind.

  6. Sometimes we have to, as the saying goes, walk in their shoes. Of course, it’s nice if that works both ways! Nice post, Patricia!

    1. We do have to try and see where the problem really started which isn’t always easy or even possible. Just gotta do our best.

  7. When someone is nasty to you, it often has nothing to do with you at all but is a result of something that happened with someone else. I’ve caught myself taking out my frustration on an unsuspecting person. I try to right it when I catch it.

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