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Monday Musings…

“Most folks are as happy as
they make up their minds to be.”
Abraham Lincoln

photo by Kari Shea at StockSnap

I totally agree with Abe on this. It’s up to us whether or not we are happy. I am not a Pollyanna kind of person who thinks everything is wonderfully rosy all the time. I know there are times in all our lives that are pretty awful. Bad stuff happens that’s a fact of life but how we choose to respond is up to us.

We can choose to wallow in self-pity feeling sorry for ourselves or we can stand tall and look for solutions to the problems we face. Yes, we may become depressed and sad. Not everything in life brings a smile or laugh. Some things make us angry or we cry in our distress and feel alone. How we react to our feelings will determine how we respond and the next steps we take.

Life is a journey that is, if not easy usually enjoyable, but not always. There will be mud puddles and some trash along the path and sometimes mountains to climb or tunnel through or places that have been flooded and need a bridge built. It is up to us how we do what needs to be done and what we focus on, the trials or the trail up ahead still to be explored.

It takes a strong will and courage, a sense of humor and a loving heart, and the people we love who love us to face the challenges of life. It may be easier to be miserable but being happy is so much more…much much more!

13 thoughts on “Monday Musings…

  1. I love that Abe said that considering his many trials.

    My daily goal is to live in grace and gratitude, even when things go awry. There’s always so much good even when it’s pouring.

    Love mud puddles along the way. Such a great analogy.

    You never fail to pluck my heartstrings.

    Love the Kitty. Regal indeed, to echo Sandee.

    1. Sometimes it is fun to slosh through the mud puddles. It’s not like they are quicksand and going to envelope us. They are just there to keep us on our toes…or in our boots while we navigate life..

  2. So very true. Life is always what we focus on. Good times or bad times, we always get what we give our attention to.

    1. You are right, Chris. I have a friend who focuses only on the negative and is miserable. It’s sad and hard for me to understand.

      1. Law of attraction always gives us whatever we ask for. Sometimes people just ask for the wrong things without even realizing that they are doing it.

  3. Love these words. They are ever so true.

    That kitty is most regal and I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

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