13 thoughts on “Too hot to write…

  1. Forgive my absence. Now that’s what I call the dog days of summer just with a cat. You post the best pictures. The heat always makes me move in slow motion wanting to wear white and sip a drink with lots of ice. My mother made ice tea with mint she grew in the garden. I can still smell it wafting from those tall tumblers with butterflies painted on them.

    1. If anyone needs forgiveness it’s me! I am soooo far behind in responding to comments and reading. Every week I say I will stay on track but then…I wander. Living in the south I drink iced tea every day but without the mint. Hope you have been well and I will catch up with your blog, I promise.

    1. Sweet Debbie, I try not to complain but it seems lost my resolve. I so want to go for a nice long walk but with 90-100 degrees and 95% + humidity it is miserable so I stay indoors with the air condition and fans on. Bummer…but I am grateful for having the cool air inside.

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