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Monday Musings…

Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished:
If you’re alive, it isn’t.
– Richard Bach

Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash

I agree with this thought. I think we all have a reason for being here. Some folks are here to do big amazing things for the world others are here to do one small thing for for one other person. Whether the reason for being is big or small it is important and will be accomplished.

Some know what their mission is at an early age and work hard to get it done; some have no idea what their mission is or why they are here on earth. Some are known for their work(s) and are recognized and awarded while they live; some never know fame or the acknowledgement of their contribution.

I suspect I am of the latter group. I have no idea what my assigned mission is but I am pretty sure it is of the small category. That is okay with me. I don’t need to know. In fact, it would probably freak me out if I did. I just hope that when I die I am told what my mission was and that it was completed successfully. I think that is the last thing my guardian angel has on his list of duties regarding me and this life. Then we will both move on to whatever happens next.

14 thoughts on “Monday Musings…

  1. Sometimes it’s as simple as being kind. That’s a most wonderful mission. Do what you love that’s the key.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Patricia. ♥

    1. Being kind is a wonderful mission and one we should all be doing every day. And sometimes being kind is doing things that are difficult or things we don’t love.

  2. How I loved this. You made me think of Saint Teresa of Lisieux who’s legacy was, doing little things that despite their size, make a difference.

    Your writing could be your mission Patricia because you speak from the heart, spare and humbly no threads hanging inspiring us all. I know I speak for others.

    You’re gentle and kind, sweet and sincere. Your cats represent you with their feline strength and mischief. I think your creativity is what your calling is…I do.


    1. Thank you, Susannah, for your kind words. I should copy your comments to me and read them when I am feeling ugly. Your gift is definitely encouragement!

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