Monday Musings

Monday Musings…

“Wherever you are is the entry point.”

I am at the place in life where there is undeniably more life behind me than ahead of me. I admit I spend a lot of time looking back and less looking forward. That being said this quote spoke to me loud and clear. I may have more past than future but where I am is the entry point to whatever I may have yet to experience.

I tend not to think about the future very often. If I do it is usually in a negative way. I will face health challenges and/or financial difficulties. I will need someone to take care of my daily needs. I will not be able to stay in my home. I will need to move to assisted living or a nursing home. And of course, what will happen to my catkids?

Those are valid concerns but when I look at the past there have been health challenges and finacial difficulties, I did have to spend an extended time in the hospital, I did have to return to my parents home for a time, and my cats were fine. So, starting now I am going to be more realistic about my future. Yes, there will there will be negatives but there will also be positives. I am going to enter the future, which starts every new minute, knowing that whatever happens, you know Who and I will be together and all will be well.

I expect there will be relapses into the previous way of thinking.
As you can see, I am going to need some practice in positive thinking!

21 thoughts on “Monday Musings…

    1. I can’t say I am pessimistic but if I am not careful I can worry about stuff. Worry doesn’t happen often but when it does I let it do its thing for a bit then I go for a walk and get over myself.

    1. I guess it’s common for those of “an age” to let the worries in. Sometimes I do wallow but then that gets tiresome and I get a grip and get over it. Life is good if you don’t weaken.

  1. Such a timely post for me, I’ve been worrying about the same things and you’re right, no point in that – life is to be lived, not worried over!

  2. We all do this, Patricia. I’m nearer the end of life than the middle. I try to live each day to the fullest. It’s a gift and I can enjoy it or squander it. I did enough squandering in my younger years. Just don’t want to do that now.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

    1. Great word, squander. Definitely a waste of energy. We do have a wonderful gift and we are meant to use it, enjoy it, and share it until the next journey begins.

  3. I feel many of us have those worries. When I start to worry about my future, I tell myself to live each moment and then think about things I am grateful for. This seems to get my mind back on the right track.

  4. I worry too. In AA they tell you, look back at the past, but don’t stare. I’ve been in the valley many times yet, here I still am. I have no one either, not even a coupla cats to worry about, but then I rewind the tape and realize, I don’t know the end of the story yet. All one can do is, live in the day as graciously and present as possible, gratitude leading the charge. Best advice I’ve ever been given. We stumble, we’re only human, but we’re designed to get up off the mat, brush ourselves off, to just begin again.

    Wherever you are is the entry point….I really love that. Another homer outta the park Madam. 🙂

    1. Wise words, my friend. True, we don’t know the end of the story. We are to live today the best we can, say our prayers, and look forward to what is next…whatever that may be and wherever it may take us…knowing we are not alone on our travels.

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