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Monday Musings…

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions
but in having few wants.”

In today’s world the more we have and the greater the value of the things we have is, to many, what determines whether or not we are successful and happy. We are told to work harder and longer hours, make more money, make sure to be recognized and rewarded, and acquire all the things we want and we will be wealthy. But at what cost to the well-being of ourselves, those we love and care about, and society in general?

I am not saying striving for success and wanting things is wrong. Of course, we want things and to be the best we can be in all aspects of our lives! I am saying it is important to put thought into how we define success and what is good and that we see more than just ourselves in that definition. We must be careful to understand that what we need may be much different than what we want. We must understand that true wealth is rarely found in the things we have or want.

Of what does your wealth consist?

7 thoughts on “Monday Musings…

  1. Wealth does not mean you’re happy. Being comfortable and healthy is wealth to me.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. ♥

  2. Material things do not = wealth, IMO! Wealth is love and caring, gratefulness and gratitude and making the world a better place. And having a furry four-legged friend makes life special.

  3. This made me think of St. Teresa of Avila’s famous quote: “There are more tears shed over answered prayers than over unanswered prayers.”

    What’s a successful day? For me it’s knowing peace was in the house, fear and worry kept at bay.
    Living sparely has made me think I was a Franciscan in another life, being fed with small blessings beaded together like saltwater pearls.

    Age teaches you what’s important: Health, love, gratitude above all.

    I loved what you wrote, as always.


  4. If we all understood this point, there would be far less poverty in the world. There is a vast difference between need and want!

    1. We always seem to have enough but feel, just a little more will make a difference. Another sweater, a pair of shoes. To quote writer Anne Lamont…nothing outside yourself, short of a vital organ, will fill those Swiss cheesy holes. Grace is an inside job. 🙂

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