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Wednesday, writing whatever…

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Today I am thinking, wondering and writing about habits.

We all have habits, some are good some are bad. It’s a fact that we all have both kinds of habits. I imagine that most of our habits are good. Those things we do all the time because we like doing them, they give pleasure and make us happy, make the people around us happy. There are things we do simply because they need to be done to keep clean and neat and healthy or to help others because we care about them. You know, good things that come from our hearts.

Then there are those bad habits that somehow become a part of life. They may not be things that break laws or hurt people but they can be troublesome. They aren’t necessarily awful things but if we are honest with ourselves we know they aren’t nice or just stuff that wastes time. Things that we tell ourselves are okay because they aren’t hurting anyone except maybe ourself. Although, when they hurt us then the ones who care about us hurt.

What I really want to know is:
Why is it so hard to develop good habits and so easy develop bad habits?
Why is it so easy to break good habits and so hard to break the bad ones?
Why do good habits often seem boring and bad habits seem so fun?

Why am I thinking, wondering and writing about good and bad habits? Because I had a good habit that I started in January. That habit was walking 3-4 miles everyday! Well, except Sundays. That’s a day of rest, you know.

So, I had that good habit until sometime in July. It was near 100* most days with humidity in the 90’s. Even if I tried walking at 7 -7:30 in the morning I was a hot mess after just a few blocks and felt sick. So I didn’t walk most of July and all of August. It was still hot in September and my good habit was broken. Since October I have been walking a couple days a week except when I find an excuse not to.

I need my good habit back!
No one can get it back for me, I have to do it myself.
I will work on it…I’m not sure when but soon, I think.

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25 thoughts on “Wednesday, writing whatever…

  1. One of my bad habits I’m reluctantly improving upon is not showing up when I say I will.
    Today I’m going to a church to help decorate their tree because I said I would. I really would LOVE to not show up since I’m not feeling my best, but I am anyway since, the only way to change a bad habit is to exchange it for a more noble one…sigh

  2. I enjoy walking, however, if the weather makes me uncomfortable, my routine is interrupted. It is hard for me to get back into my routine and I have to push myself to do it.

    1. I hear you loud and clear! I have to push to exercise but there is no need to push if I want to sit and read. I am working on getting back to the walking habit but it is a struggle for sure.

  3. My challenge in making new good habits, is that my enthusiasm fails between Days 5 and 7…it’s discouraging to be so lacking in discipline.

      1. Oh I absolutely believe you can do it again–I salute you…and will think of you when I’m giving a sidelong glance to my treadmill! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. My good habit is about to go. The weather here for the long hot summer is promising to be a record breaker this year. We had one the hottest springs on record, and now even early summer we’ve had two records fall for the day of the month. Instead of 30 – 36, we’ll be getting 34 – 42C, so yes, not nice for walking really.

    1. This summer was the worst for heat and humidity. Even taking a bottle of water with me I would feel dehydrated. Hope your summer doesn’t last as long as ours did. It was still hot in October.

      1. Generally ours summer starts in mid spring and ends in early winter, the really hot core being December – early April, but overall Mid November to June. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. John and I are so fortunate that we can walk almost every day, because NC weather is not as hot as some places and is bearable in the winter. When I miss a few days, I am always concerned that I’ll not walk regularly again. It seems that fear has worked well for me. I’ve been walking first thing in the morning for 25 years.

  6. Welcome to the club. I’ve been walking most of my life. I walk every day and I love it. As long as I can walk first thing in the morning I’m fine. But sometimes it’s still dark, cold, hot, raining, snowing, icy, etc. at my regular time. Once I get off my schedule I have trouble getting back to it. I bought an elliptical for those bad weather days, but it’s turned into decoration for the front room. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Once you break stride, it’s hard to get back. I’ve found that after an injury or another good reason to not go to the gym, I have to make myself go for a week before it becomes routine again. I don’t know shy. It just is.

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