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Wednesday, writing whatever…

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I have gotten a few Christmas cards this year but I have decided that this year I am not sending cards. I will email Christmas notes to those folks I have email addresses for and the rest I will send a New Year card.

I admit I like getting the cards but I would be happy with an email. The friends I get cards from live out of state and most I don’t see or hear from year to year. If I didn’t get a card or email I would wonder if they are okay.

Maybe an email doesn’t seem as personal or thoughtful to some folks. I know some don’t like email for anything but they are mostly of the older generation. I am a part of that generation of old people but I like email! I guess I will find out next year if some were offended by season’s greeting via cyber-world.

What do you think about snail mail versus email?

17 thoughts on “Wednesday, writing whatever…

  1. The art of letter and therefore card writing, has almost died, but in my case it would be a labour of love with too many time constraints to write, so yes emails and ecards have become my staple.

    1. I hope the art of letter writing doesn’t die out completely. When romance is part of the equation having a card or letter to hold is a special part of sharing love.

  2. I prefer the old fashioned card or letter waiting like a suitor in the mailbox. Email, though I send out many, is the fast food of correspondence. I remember Nora Ephron in her essay, What She Won’t Miss, when she knew she was dying, listing a ton of things. Email was at the top of her list. We all have our preferences, and that’s okay. πŸ™‚

    1. I think if I had a “special” man in my life I would write with pen and paper and want the same in return. Maybe not all the time but now and then just because. Being the romantic you are I know you understand.🐈

  3. My hubby and I receive a snail mail Christmas card, which is a picture of his niece and her beautiful family every year. Other than that, we receive and send out e-cards, which is fine with me.

  4. Any communication from someone I like is welcome. I don’t use snail mail. I’d rather tell people how much they mean to me rather than send them a message written by others.

    1. Seems many of us are leaving snail mail behind. When I sent cards I always added a personal note. Like you, it’s important to me that people know I’m my own words what I feel and think.

  5. I didn’t send out as many cards this year. I started and tried, but stopped after the first go at it. Thank you for your own story of deciding to do email instead! Merry Christmas!

  6. Either one works for me. What I love is a note from people I don’t see to catch up. It doesn’t have to be long. It can be one of those reproduced ones but I enjoy hearing what’s going on in their life. Or it can be an email.

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